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  • Emergency Eye Care

    You don’t need to go to a hospital or ER for emergency eye care. Call us first. We can treat any medical eye issue in our office, even something serious....

    Dry Eye Center

    Dry eye symptoms disrupt your life. A stinging and burning sensation in your eyes. Sensitivity to light and eye redness. Blurred vision or watery eyes.

    Glaucoma Screening and Treatment

    Glaucoma doesn’t care about your plans, the hobbies you’re passionate about, or the places you want see.

  • AMD - Macular Degneration

    These are the years meant to cherish the smiles and special moments you've been looking forward to. Don't wait if you suspect AMD. Call us today to speak to a specialist.

    Eyelid Surgery

    As you age, the sensitive skin around your eyes stretches, allowing surrounding muscles to weaken. Both your upper and lower eyelids...


    Watching your grandchildren delight in a day at the beach. Experiencing those places you’ve always wanted to travel, now that you have the time. Life’s precious moments.

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“Dana Cianni, OD is pleasant and informative. She gave me information on what she was doing every step of the examination. She also made suggestions and comments for my eye health. The office is clean and comfortable to wait in.” - Karen C.
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Routine Eye Exams

Everyone needs an annual eye exam. You must get one to make sure your eyes are healthy, and to see if you need a new or adjusted prescription on your glasses or contact lenses.

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